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Pacific Sports International invests heavily in tracking, developing and employing the latest in sports science, technology and information systems to better identify strengths and weaknesses of each team and individual athlete and developing systems and methodologies to minimize or eliminate exposure of weaknesses and maximizing return on strengths and power centers.

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Biometric Sensors

Measuring and analyzing blood, sweat and interstitial fluid in real time for blood sugar, hydration, electrolytes, cortisol and other hormones to predict, monitor and enhance athlete performance status and capacity.

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Virtual and Enhanced Reality

Improving effectiveness with realistic simulations with VR/ER training devices and systems that will increase training repetitions well above live iterations.  Added emphasis on tactical units that are teams within the team, drastically increasing overall effectiveness. 

Wearable Tech.jpg

Wearable Tech

Integrating various forms of advanced technology into wearable training and game apparel to allow athletes and coaches to monitor and improve all areas of a team and an individual athlete training, decision making and focus during games and other activities on and off the field. 

Athlete Analytics.jpg


Managing structured historical data and then applying a predictive analytic model in the use of that data and information system to inform athletes, coaches and other decision makers to enable them to gain a competitive advantage.

Artificial Intelligence.jpg

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Employing AI and ML to address the ever increasing volume and expansion of data complexity to be processed, analyzed and used by athletes, coaches and management.  Allowing a greater volume of work, tasks and problem solving to be achieved by the individual, team and organization for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Ravens Holographic Training.jpg

Advanced Learning thru Holographic and Real-Time Simulations

Using sensors to monitor, analyze and process individual athlete brain activity, nervous system speed and reflexive speed to create customized training and exercises to advance individual capabilities.

Cellular and Microbiology.jpeg

Cellular and Microbiology Tech 

Customizing individual diet and nutrition needs to each individual athlete for their own unique biology, body chemistry, athletic goals and objectives to maximize performance on the field.


Advanced Cryotherapy and Rehabilitation

Monitoring and customizing to the individual needs of an athlete specific to their optimal rehabilitation historical data and information.

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