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Most significant failure? (What taught you how to handle failure.)

While deployed to the Middle East, I had Operational Law responsibilities over Iraq and Afghanistan.  In one particular instance we had a construction project in an area we were withdrawing troops from that was still scheduled for a $150 million support facility that clearly was no longer needed and would be a colossal waste of money.  I was unable to stop the facility from built and then subsequently destroyed.  What I learned was to never let your organization become so inflexible and lacking in nimbleness that it cannot adjust quickly and appropriately to better serve your organizations purpose and focus.

I found this very disturbing given the fact that I was intimately aware of the economic struggles that were happening back home.  Taking on this fight in the middle of the stresses associated with our combat environment and the emotional and mental weight it came with I feel really strengthened my ability to maintain focus and purpose while under significant duress and then to handle things when they didn't go my way.  Although that loss still eats at me, I feel like I learned things that would have been impossible otherwise, most importantly, how to handle failure.

Most significant professional success? 

This also occurred through my military experience but in a very different context. After our units second deployment to Iraq, the second being responsible for running convoys from Kuwait to Baghdad, a route almost 700km long, the highway between Iraq and Kuwait also known as the "Highway of Death". Many Soldiers returned to their civilian and professional lives in disarray.  This led to the separation of many Army Reserve Soldiers for failing to perform their Army Reserve requirements.  I took the initiative to study and solve the issue after uncovering that we had just separated Soldiers that the US Army had spent over $8 million dollars training and preparing for combat.  These Soldiers also now possessed an enormous amount of combat experience that would be very valuable if we were to be called up to the Middle East again.

I designed and built the program with the battalion commander that ended up saving a lot of careers and millions of dollars for the Army while also significantly improving the readiness of the infantry battalion to serve the country if and when called upon.

What sets Pacific Sports International apart from all others?

Although we technically fall into the "entertainment" industry, we understand that our games, our teams, our sports are life condensed into a couple of hours on a field of battle.  The pain is real, the discipline is real, the focus is real and the absolute commitment to success is real.  The leadership of this organization does not approach or think of what we do "as a game" we know that the exact same principles and concepts for success (or failure) on the battlefield, in family or life are manifested in our teams and organization.

Leaders are also made here.  We amplify strengths and we augment and support where weaknesses are identified.  We fully function as a team that knows itself inside and out, and will place each team member in the best position with the necessary support to succeed.  There is also no place to hide in Pacific Sports International, if you are mentally weak, if you are not focused, if you are not disciplined, you will be found out. We are prepared to not only fix those weaknesses but committed to moving past any individual who isn't committed to the success of the team.

What are your guiding Principles and Values?

In its simplest form, make your mother proud, and by extension, your parents and family.  Live your life and make your decisions such that when you have to sit down with your family and your maker and look each one in the eye and give an accounting that you did what you knew in your heart and to the best of your ability was the right thing in every moment and every instance.  Mistakes are bound to be made, but make the best decisions from the information and knowledge you had at the time but be fearless in moving forward.

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