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Most significant failure? (What taught you how to handle failure.) Most significant professional success?

I am answering these two questions together because they go hand in hand.  My greatest professional success was negotiating with my employer (New Japan Pro Wrestling, NJPW) for the rights of the brand and NJPW product in the Australiasian region, with the specific target markets of New Zealand and Australia.  My greatest failure and what really taught me how to handle failure was the unsuccessful launch of my first event after securing those rights.  In terms of teaching me how to actually operate and manage an event it was a huge success, in terms of being financially successful, it was equally unsuccessful.  However, it is because of those lessons that I have been able to effectively and successfully operate and manage every event since then across multiple cities.

What do you focus on bringing to Pacific Sports International?

From performing on the biggest stages of entertainment in Madison Square Garden, New York City, to As I am now approaching two decades in the professional sports entertainment industry I am beginning to focus on what the future of this industry will be and how I can help shape it.  Having spent time as a professional rugby player, time studying inside the WWE and how Vince McMahon built his multi billion dollar empire in the United States, having risen to heavy weight champion in NJPW I am looking forward to applying the acquired knowledge and relationships to apply innovation and new technology towards investing in the future of professional sports entertainment.



Graduate of economics from Tokuyama University in Japan and De La Salle College in New Zealand.


Professional rugby player in Japan for the Sanix Blues

Founding member of The Bullet Club, as the Under Boss.

Three time tag team champion and former heavyweight champion of NJPW

Owner of all NJPW rights in the Australasian geographical region

Fluent in 3 languages.

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